Sunday, April 26, 2009

32 weeks

So, I am starting to get uncomfortable. It has been so hot here, the nights are really not fun. Not to mention I wake up about every hour and a half to go potty, and that is not an exaggeration. I am so ready to be done with school and student teaching, and am so so ready for Benji to be here. We went to the doctor on Monday, everything is going good. The heart beat was perfect, as usual, and I am still measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I now go to the doctor every two weeks. I am excited about this because it is one more thing that will help the time go by fast. I am still looking for the perfect outfit to bring Benji home in, and nothing is cute enough. So let me know if you see any cute outfits at stores!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

31 weeks

Hi! So I am now 31 weeks, and I feel like Benjamin is running out of room to grow. My tummy is as hard as a rock and my belly button, which is still an innie, is extremely small. I have a doctors appointment on Monday. It will be a short one, they actually called us and asked us to be there at 7:45am instead of 8, because Dr. B. has to leave for jury duty at 8:30. Kind of a bummer, because this means he will be rushed, but knowing Dr. B. we won't be able to tell he is rushed. I can't believe we only have around 9 more weeks, give or take a week or so. April is almost over already, then May will be here and I will be grauationg and completeing the credential program so that will be exciting. I only have 3 1/2 more weeks of student teaching, which is awesome, I don't think I could have lasted much longer with those long days!! Derek and I finally bought a rug for the living room and one for the family room. We wated one so that Benji could lay on the floor on a blanky and not have to be on a hard surface. His room is completed, his clothes are washed, now all we need is a little baby. I am also very excited for my baby shower, which is in May. Oh, I saw a friend from highschool who is due 5 days after me, and her tummy was way bigger than mine. So maybe Benji won't be the giant baby baby we thought he was going to be after all. He is still moving around, but not as much. He is 17 inches long, and well, he just doesn't have the space he used to. It is weird to think that he is almost as long now as he will be when he is born, just really skinny! I also can't wait for my momma to come see me!!! Unfortunately we will be poor when she comes, so we will be taking a lot of walks and hanging around the house. We decided that I am going to work up until 2 weeks before my due date, Just so I get my full pay and not he 6o% from disabiilty. I am a little worried about financial situations once Benji gets hear, but I know that God will provide, and our priorities will change so we will be fine! Well, now that I am rambling on... I better go. I have my last test for the credential that I have to take today. It is the RICA, and I am not looking forward to taking a test on a Saturday, but hey, at least it is the last one!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Have a great Easter Sunday!


The Scotts

Saturday, April 11, 2009

30 weeks

30 weeks, and feeling great!!! I can't believe I get to meet my little man in about 10 weeks..maybe even earlier if he is ready. I had spring break this week, so no student teaching. I got so much done. I painted our whole bedroom!!! Derek and I also finished the baby's room. It is pretty cute if I do say so myself. Derek also planted the grass in the backyard, so we are crossing our fingers that it actually will start to grow! Benjamin is moving a lot, but I can tell he is still in the same position as he was at my last doctors appointment. His head is down, his butt is on the right, and his arms and legs are punching and kicking me on the left side. He weighs a little over 3 pounds and is about 17 inches in length. Crazy to think he is almost as tall now as he will be when he is born. He is just very skinny! We are becoming more anxious and more excited with every week that passes, we just can't wait to hold our Benji Bear!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

29 weeks

So, I am now 29 weeks. Sorry it has been so long since I last posted, I am a busy girl :) Well, I was diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes, so that is stressful and concerning. basically I just have to change my diet and eat different types of carbs and try to stay away from sugar. Since I am just borderline I do not need to get insulin or check my blood sugar levels every day, so that is good. I also have to start exersizing more often. So that leads me to today. I walked about 2 1/2 miles with Ella, who I practically had to drag towards the end. I walked all the way to my in-laws house and then Derek came and picked me up. Then we went to Big Hat Days, and walked more. So I am tired, but feeling very good about myself.
Spring break has oficially started and I am so happy about that. I only have 5 1/2 weeks of school and I will be done forever!!! Which is pretty much amazing, and I am pretty proud of myself :) I am getting really excited about Bejamin coming home, I have had dreams like crazy that we are leaving the hospital with our little boy. I am ready for him to be here and I can't beleive I still have to wait almost 3 months to hold him. Derek is getting very excited too, it is all we talk about!
Speaking of Derek, one of the Chapelins at work told Derek her had a dream about him and in his dream Derek was the Chief! I am not sure how I feel about this...maybe it was a prophetic dream. I thought it was funny, but I can also see that Derek would actually be really great at it. He really cares about this community and wants to make a difference...anways just thought I would share that with you.
Oh, we finally registered..please take a look at our registry (babys r us) and see if we missed anything. I already had an infant travel system/carseats, the furniture, and a rocker so those things we don't need. But, Derek and I are pretty certain that we must have missed something!
We also have a lot of projects going on around the house. We are getting the backyard ready to be seeded, hopefully at the end of this month, plus we are trying to get the baby room in order. Derek is refinishing the furniture, and it looks awesome! It is darker now, and matches so nicely with the walls. We are trying to get more decor pieces, but we are being frugal about that, so we buy bits and pieces here and there.
I feel like I am getting bigger by the day, which is fun, but a little bit uncomfortable. Ben is still moving like crazy but now I get to guess what part of his body I can feel. Of course I can't really tell what is what, but I do know his head is loving the right side of my tummy! The other night Derek and I were eating and Ben curled up on my right side of my tummy into a little ball, it was hilarious because it was like the size of a canetlope, and it was just on the right side, then the left side of my tummy didn't even look like I was pregnant. We were a little freaked out, but were laughing so hard that it hurt. I love those moments!!!