Sunday, July 26, 2009

One month old...

I can't believe that in two days Benjamin will be one month old. It is gone by so fast and my love for him grows more and more each day. I can't believe how much he has changed in the past four weeks. He already is bigger and looks so different, getting more adorable by the second!! He is doing great and is so precious. Mommy and daddy are doing great too. Derek is back at work, which has been a little hard for both of us, but when he gets home at 2:30 am Benjamin is awake to eat so that has turned into a really special family time and I look forward to those late nights! Ben is doing great with sleeping in his crib. He doesn't cry at all, I know he is awake just because he is making noise so I go and get him and feed him then put him right back down and he falls right asleep! I hope that this sleeping pattern lasts becuase it has been really nice not having to put him down and let him cry himself to sleep. Ben is eating really well. He chuggs for about 20 minutes and then is in a milk coma. It is pretty hilarious. You can here him chugging from across the room! He poops a lot, after every feeding, which means about 8 times a day! We go for his one month check up on Agust 3rd, so we will keep everyone updated on that!

Oh, and August 7th is our 5 year wedding anniversary! Derek is an amazing husband and a loving father and I could not have asked God for a better man for me, he is wonderful!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Benjamin Davis Scott

On June 30th Benjamin Davis Scott was born. I went in on Monday the 29th to the doctor, he sent me to St. Agnes to get an NST test done and an ultrasound to check the fluid levels. While at the ultrasound appointment the technician said that she is predicting Ben to be 9 lbs. 15 oz.!!! Derek and I just laughed and when we talked to our doctor he said, "no way he is that big" So we put that behind us, but we did find out that my fluid levels were low, so Dr. B decided to induce me. I went home and got my bag packed and had dinner, and we went back to the hospital around 8:30pm. I had to get anitbiotics so they did that and gave me a sleeping pill. Dr. B. was going to be in in the morning to break my water, he came around 6am and I hadn't had any conrtactions throughout the night, so instead of just breaking my water, he started me on pitocin and said he would be back in the afternoon to break my water. Around 1pm my water broke on its own, and my contractions hit pretty hard! They hurt, so I asked for pain meds. by the time the pain meds got there, about 45 mins. later, I was ready for my epidural. I had the epidural about 10 mins. later and after that I felt great!! No pain, I was still able to feel everything and move my legs, but absolutely no pain. I was able to sleep and truly enjoy the fact that I was in labor. Around 8:30pm or a little earlier I felt the need to push, they called the doctor, he got there around 8:45 pm I pushed for a half hour, and after a FULL episotomy (snip, snip, snip, tear) Bejamin was in my arms. The whole expereince, minus the 45 minutes of pain right after my water broke, was wonderful. However, I can't imagine doing it without an epidural. With the epidural I was able to truly enjoy the birth experince of my son. Now, Benjamin did not weigh 9 lbs. 15 oz. but he did weigh 9lbs. even!!! Which would explain the full episiotomy! He was 21 in. in length, and he is absolutely gorgeous! He is now 2 1/2 weeks old and we are loving our little man. We have already taken him to the Big Trees and the beach house. The more I get out the better I feel. The first few days I was pretty sore from the stitches, but after that they really haven't been too painful. I am feeling great, I am missing being pregnant a little though... but I am so happy to be able to hold Ben in my arms and to be able to see Derek with Ben. He has already proven himself to be an exceptional father. All in All Ben is perfect and life right now is pretty much amazing!!!