Monday, December 22, 2008

14th week

So, I finally understand the week thing. I am technically 13 weeks and 3 days, so I am in my 14th week but I am not 14 weeks until the week comes to an end. Yeah! It makes sense now. So my doctors appointment was very exciting today. It started by me telling the doctor about how I am having dreams about twins and the people have told me I showing too early so they think it must be twins. He smiled and said, "well we will measure you and see where you are at, but you still look pretty small." So he measured once, then twice and laughed, "Well you are bigger then what you should be at for 14 weeks." Derek and I turned to each other and got a little freaked out!!! So he listened for heartbeats. He only heard one, but decided to do an ultrasound because a lot of times with twins you can only hear one heartbeat. So we got to see our baby, and yes it is only ONE baby. No twins for us.... It was awesome, we saw the head, the legs, feet, toes, arms, fingers. Our babies legs were spread, but he could not tell if it was a boy or a girl. Bumble Bee (my nickname for the baby) was moving all around like crazy. It was really great and the prefect Christmas gift. Oh, and the doctor scheduled my ultra sound with an actual technician for when we get back from our tip because he thinks I may be further along then we think. I don't think this is possible because this means that I would have had to be pregnant while on birth control. He just doesn't understand that I have a Scott growing inside me. Scotts are big babies with big heads. It will be interesting to see what the technician says. I can't believe that there is a real baby inside of me. So amazing. I think about how the baby is formed and how quickly it develops and I think about how much of a miracle it is and how can someone who is pregnant not believe there is a God. Being pregnant has been amazing, and we just can't wait to hold out little one.
So besides the mushy stuff I am having these little sharp pains called Round Ligament Pains. It is caused by the ligaments around the uterus stretching. These little boogers hurt. But the doctor said it is PERFECTLY normal, which put me at ease. Ohh also, I asked Dr. B and I can definitely have lobster and shrimp in Hawaii, just not everyday. I know it was selfish of me to ask, but how can I go to Hawaii and not eat lobster and shrimp? Dr. B laughed at me, but he is really great and I feel like the three of us, I mean four of us... kind of bonded today. He gave Derek and I a hug, and we both just feel so comfortable around him, which I am really thankful for. So we are off to Hawaii in 2 days, which is so exciting. Pray that we are safe and kept healthy! And mom, Dr.B did say no on airborne cause "herbs can be tricky"? So I am a little worried about that, but I think I will be fine.
Oh and Merry Christmas!!!

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catd said...

What a great post, Mary. Thanks for all the details. Dr. B (or Dr. Dan as we use to call him) is a great guy and I'm glad you have connected. I like the name Bumble Bee. Be careful, it may stick after :) I'm glad you asked about Airborne. You'll do fine. Remember to wash your hand alot and since you are already taking vits you are already protected. I'll sure miss you. What time Christmas morning do you leave?