Tuesday, January 13, 2009

17 weeks

Well I am feeling really great. So great that I don't really feel pregnant, which kind of worries me. I have felt the baby move, it feel like little twitches, but I do not feel him move everyday which also makes me worry. I can't wait for him to kick me on a regular basis so I know that our little guy is happy and healthy! I know those of you that have been pregnant think that it is crazy for me to want to be kicked... but I can't help it. I also have one of those baby microphone things and you are supposed to hear the heart beat, but all I can hear is my tummy growling, so that is also upsetting. It was only $20 and it is not good quality and from what I have read online I am not the only one who cannot find the heart beat with one of those things. I have to remember that God has a plan for us and a plan for our little guy, this helps comfort me when I am worried, although it does not keep me from worrying!!! So for now I am good, yet anxious and cannot wait for my mom and dad to come see me!!!!


Jenna said...

I swear that we are like twins! Every single thing you say is exactly how I feel or have felt at some point. My mom just keeps telling me that it's just the beginning of a lifetime of worrying about our little men. I know what you mean about feeling paranoid about stuff. I feel the same way all the time so just know that it's soooo normal. I have one of those heartbeat things, but it says that you can't really hear much until the third trimester. So we're outta luck for now. Just know that what you are feeling/thinking is normal!

catd said...

Oh yeah, so normal. Just remember how little he still is so he has to move alot to feel it. The night will come when you wish he would be still so you can sleep. Sometimes these new "modern" gizmos add to our anxiety instead of helping it. I love that you are feeling so good. Your gma Lona said she felt better when she was pregnant than any other time in her life....and look what came of that (me)! I am so in awe at how pregnant you look. Get ready, I'll probably just cry when I see you. One more day!