Monday, February 2, 2009

20 weeks

That's right I am half way there, which is pretty much crazy. I have been sooo busy lately, which is good because I just want June to get here. I started back at school, my LAST semester. YEAH!I am doing my final student teaching. I am at Fancher Creek which is a Clovis school. I love it there. It is a Title I school and it is the exact kind of school I want to teach at. My master teacher is amazing and supportive!
So enough about that let me tell you what has been going on with Benjamin. He is moving and grooving. I can feel him kick and I can also feel him twisting around. I feel him at least once a day. Last Friday I even was able to place my hand on my belly and I could feel him moving. Of course every time I tell Derek to come feel Benjamin decides to be very still. I feel like my tummy is growing more everyday. I can feel it stretching and I am applying oil like crazy so that I do not get stretch marks. I am still loving being pregnant but growing more anxious to meet Ben. I already love him and I know that feeling will only become more intense when I can see him and be able to hold him. I am also waiting for that moment when Derek gets to hold his son.
My last doctors appointment sucked. We waited for about an hour in the room before Dr.B saw us, apparently there was an emergency so he got a bit behind schedule. It just stinks because our appointments only last 15 minutes, so wait to wait that whole time was not fun. Derek can only look at Women's Home Journal so many times before he starts to get antsy. When he came in we listened to the heart beat :), and then he measured me. After measuring me he said, "are you sure that the tech. said their was only one in there" So yeah, I am still big. I just keep thinking about My Big Fat Greek Wedding when that woman's twin was in her neck, hopefully Ben did not absorb his twin sibling!!! So he said I was measuring big, but we will wait to see when I can start feeling movements to see if we need to move up my due date again. I have begun to realize that due dates do not mean anything and that Ben will enter this World whenever he is ready. So My due date could again be moved up to June 13, which is only about 7 days after I graduate. So I at least hope that he stays in until I am done with school. But if not, I will deal!!!
Derek painted Ben's room, all that is left is to buy decor and to put up the chair rail. I think it looks great! Derek did a wonderful job.

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catd said...

Thanks for the update. You are looking quite pregnant. Wish I could see you again. Tell Derek to be patient on feeling Ben. There will come a time when he will feel him easily and even see him move. Again, the room looks great.