Thursday, July 8, 2010

blog break...

Not that I have ever been a consistant blogger, but I defnitely didn't do much blogging while the house was being rebuilt. We are now back in our beautiful house. So funny...we thought this would be a house that we would stay in for maybe 5 years tops, but now we are so in love with our house that who knows, maybe we will stay here much longer. Never again will we have a house that we get to pick out everything we want. The only issue that may come into play is SIZE...but we will worry about that when the time comes.

Ben is now one year old. I can hardly beleive how fast the past year has passed by. Benjamin has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives, and we truly cannot imagine life without him. He fits so perfectly in our lives. His first birthday party turned out to be a really nice afternoon. We had mostly family over, a few friends, and we just bbq'd and had cake and of coourse opened presents. Ben has so many toys it's ridiculous, and he still prefers to play with pots, pans, and plastic storage conatiners. Kids are funny that way!

The last month of my summer will be crazy. We are having a big bash at the new house in two weekend. It is basically a big thank you to everyone who has helped throughout this crazy journey. Then we are going to Disneyland with our dear friend Kurt and his girlfriend, who Derek has met but I haven't, they live in Boston and will be visiting California at the end of July. We are super excited. Ben will be staying with his Granny...Derek's mom. Then the next weekend My best friend and I are going to see our good friend Tara, who just got engaged, in Bakersfield for the weekend. We will also be going to Magic Mountain. Ben will be staying home with his daddy while I am gone. So two weekends in a row I will be away from Ben....sad!!! But luckily I am home all day every day with him right now, so I think he will be A OKAY! Then I get the keys to my class and can start doing prep work on August 14th. Busy Busy Busy but Fun Fun Fun.

Speaking of Fun Ben is at such a great age. He is funny, sweet, smart and everything I would have hoped my little boy to be. He now says mama, dada, stop, fan, ella, doggie, up and uh-oh. He is goes "Ahhh" after every drink that he takes...So cute ( I taught him that one) He loves playing by himself, but also loves playing outside with his mommy an daddy. We got him a water table for his birthday and he absolutely loves it! So fun to see that he is such a happy and content little boy.

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catd said...

Ben will love reading about his life when he gets older. Good job.
Wow, your summer is just flying by.