Monday, November 17, 2008

I am now 9 weeks pregnant... but the whole timing things is really confusing. Because Really I am more like 7 weeks, but the doctor starts the timing from the first day of my last normal cycle. So, I am not sure if when I read articles about what is supposed to happen each week, if I should read the 9 weeks, or if I should read the seven weeks? Help from you out there who have been pregnant! My next appointment is on Tuesday the 25th. I always get nervous that something will go wrong, I hope that is normal! I have not been sick at all lately, and I do not really "feel" pregnant. So this also worries me. I can't wait until the doctors appointment though. I hope he does an ultra sound. I heard at the 10 week appointment they we will see. Derek is off so he is going to go with me just in case.

So My waist has not grown since last week, but it is also hard to know if I am measuring in the exact same spot or not, but my boobs did grow by a whole inch!!! This is the one part of me that I was hoping would grow before Hawaii! :)

Here is my weekly pic. -------->

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catd said...

Yeah, you won't really "feel" pregnant until the baby starts moving. That is usually around 4-5 months. Worrying is completely normal. Remember what we were talking about on the phone today? We just have to trust. I'm not sure I really get the whole 7 or 9 weeks thing. It's been a while. I'll read up on it. We know you weren't pregant when we were there so....but does the 40 weeks count that first week or two? Ok...check this out:
This is a good answer. 40 weeks is from your last period so that makes sense now. Fun, fun, fun. Lots of things to learn.
Lov you baby.